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The FlexiCrane is an innovative solution, outcome of several years of installation and maintenance work offshore in oil & gas and offshore wind farmsFlexiCrane is a SubC Partner patented design and provides a range of applications which have not been available before with ordinary lifting beams or davit crane.

The FlexiCrane offers unique articulation capabilities; it can turn around corners and lift an item through small openings such as wind turbine doors. Users of the FlexiCrane have significant advantages in their operations, among which are:

- Reduced Manual Handling and potential for personal injury
- Increased speed in lifting operations
- Increased lifting capacity and abilities offshore
- Increased flexibility in the operations
- Decreased amount of personnel required for lifting
- Rapid assembly and dis-assembly, avoiding waiting time for the teams offshore

SubC Partner is able to provide you with a full package around the FlexiCrane which will ensure rapid and effective deployment into your works. Consult with us to optimize your programme & maximize the FlexiCrane potential.

SubC shall be pleased to provide free specialist advisory services on how best to maximize the use of the FlexiCrane against your specific O&M campaigns or Projects.

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